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Omega Seamaster Replica has prepared a very special limited edition of watches from its Timewalker series for next fall. New Omega Seamaster Replica Timewalker Chronograph 100 is based on the historic success of the exclusive section of the brand's manufacturing facilities - Minerva. Once, an independent company which is nowadays a part of Omega Seamaster Replica was able to develop a mechanical chronograph with the precision of up to 1/100th of a second nearly a century ago which is exactly the trait featured in the new timepiece. To make this happen, the new watch has a special additional balance for the chronograph which oscillates at the necessary high frequency of 50 Hz and accompanies the basic larger balance used for the timekeeping which has 25 times lower frequency. Moreover, the new column wheel chronograph has a patented twin resetting mechanism. A nice touch in the design is the skeltonization of the dial that allows looks on its innovative and lavishly decorated movement from both sides. Finally, this 100-piece restricted series is presented in a case made from high-tech material that was gotten with the combination of titanium and carbon fiber.

Minerva's Tradition as the Basis for New Tow Balance MovementMinerva Manufacture which is today just a part of the Richemont owned brand that started off as the manufacturer of fountain pens naturally has a lot longer and more respected traditions in the industry than the brand that now owns it. One of the proudest moments for Minerva came in 1916 when it was able to stun everyone in the field with the creation of a mechanical chronograph which was able to measure intervals with the amazing precision of 1/100th of a second. This trait which is repeated in new MB M66.25 caliber requires that the watch has a balance that will vibrate at the exceptionally high rate of 360,000 vph. (Omega Seamaster Replica)

This frequency of 50 Hz used in the new watch is multiple times higher than it is common for mechanical chronographs and hard to execute with larger sized balances which require its mass to ensure a steady rate and better precision. This is why the Omega Seamaster Replica designers opted to create a movement that will actually have two balances. While the fast-paced one is used for the chronograph, the other more massive one is used for the timekeeping function. The small one with the frequency of 50 Hz is actually still and begins its vibrations only when the stopwatch feature is activated. These activations and halts of the balance are executed via a steel lamella and a steel plate, respectively.

Each Balance with its own BarrelBoth balances have their own adjoined barrels that power them. The one used for ultra fast chronograph hand has enough energy to keep it running for 45 minutes. However, the elapsed measurement interval is not restricted to three quarters of an hour since you can manually wound the crown and supply the chronographs barrel with an indefinite additional energy.Chopard Replica Turning the crown in other direction fills the primary barrel with power that ensures its functioning for 100 hours.

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