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Patented Twin Chrono Resetting SystemThe list of innovations used on the new movement that was developed for Omega Speedmaster Replica Watches Timewalker Chronograph 100 also includes a patented system for resetting the chronograph. Once again, we have a twin system comprised of two parts where the former is used for chrono 1/100th of second increments and the latter for 60 seconds and 15 minutes of the stopwatch feature. It includes a column wheel with four narrow and the same amount of broad pillars which are bordered with alternating higher and lower switching levels. The former of the switching levels is used for the activation of the chronograph and includes a thin steel lamella which starts it. On the contrary, when the chronograph is stopped, the column-wheel of the chronograph rocker is pushed in the direction of 50 Hz balance and the same steel lamella is pressed firmly at its rim. This stops the fast-paced chronograph balance alongside with all the stopwatch hands.omega speedmaster replica watches

For the minutes and seconds chrono indications, Omega Speedmaster Replica Watches used a traditional method which includes heart-levers and heart-cams positioned at the lower section of the column-wheel. On the other hand, the mechanism used for the resetting of the fastest chronograph hand is made in an innovative fashion and includes a disc with a catch. During the time the chronograph is running, the heart-lever of the chrono seconds counter keeps a tiny arrowhead lever out of the reach of the mentioned catch. However, once the stopwatch is stopped and its counters are reset to zero, the heart-lever no longer holds the smaller lever and causes it to be pressed against the wheel of the disc's catch. Once the 100th of a second pointer returns to the starting position, it is then once again immobile.

Traditional Procedures and Hand-FinishingNot only that the movement has the extraordinary and innovative traits, it is also beautified with high-end finishing. The caliber's plates, bridges, as well as all of its steel part are made by hand and ornamented with circular graining and the Geneva striping. All the edges are hand-beveled and subsequently hand-polished, whereas the flanks show off brush finishing. The traditional procedures used in the creation of the newcomer's caliber include that each balance-spring is checked by an artisan. Additionally, all the surfaces of the functional parts need to be made with precision to a single micron. Needless to say, such procedures are very complex and time consuming.

Titanium and Carbon for Lighter and Tougher CaseFurthermore, Omega Speedmaster Replica Watches has hidden a few more tricks up the sleeve when the construction of the newcomer's three-part housing is concerned. For its creation, the Villeret watchmaker used material that stem from the automobile racing industry, as it is has been more and more present in new watches of various manufacturers these days. As the brand's representatives indicate, this choice is supposed to additionally turn the attention to the innovations featured in the watch. The novel timekeeper from the Timewalker series has its fixed bezel made from the mix of steel and titanium which is coated with diamond-like carbon treatment. Titanium with additional transparent sapphire section is once again used for the rear side of the case. For the middle part of the case, the brand has also used titanium,Hublot Replica Watches but in this case, it is covered with several layers of carbon fiber and with every subsequent layer standing at the right angle to the previous one. Among themselves, these layers are fused with the use of resin which was treated with high temperatures and pressures in order to create a compact block of carbon fiber. Moreover, this multi-layered cover is stamped in order to make it look as it was made from a single compact structure, which is why it has horizontal stripes that are uncommon for the material. The end result of the process is the case that is at the same time exceptionally light and resistant.

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